Viewing Phantograms

Not all of the images on this site are phantograms, but many are. I'm a huge phant-fan.

So what is a phantogram? A 'phant' is designed to precisely imitate normal vision. Give each eye the same information it would get if you were there, and the images will jump right off the pages.

How to do it? Shoot from an angle, reverse the effects of perspective, and resize proportional to the original scene. If you want to learn to do phants, here's a tutorial on making them. They're not easy, but they're extremely fun and cool once you get the hang of it.

Sadly, ... when you're using a computer, YOU'RE SEEING THEM WRONG!

You're looking at your monitor straight on, but phantograms are shot back from an angle, and they're supposed to be viewed back from an angle. Then the objects and scenes will be true to life. Try viewing on your monitor from a 45 degree, or worse a 30 degree angle, and it's ugly, you lose a lot of light and resolution.

So, ... I invite you to see these properly, and license you do so, by printing them out. I hereby authorize you to home print for your own personal, one-time non-commercial use: one copy of anything you see on this site. Many are around 600 dots wide, which is great for a 2" to 3" wide image, and not bad somewhat larger.

Please respect this license. If you're unclear on what you are allowed to do, please ask. If you want to use any of my images for commercial purposes at a reasonable cost, please ask.

Barry Rothstein

Different Styles of 3-D Viewing.
Parallel Stereo Pair
(freeview or use PokeScopeŽ or WheatstoneŽ viewer)

Anaglyph format
(use red & cyan glasses)

Crossview Stereo Pair
Relax & cross your eyes. Converge the images (try to see 3, middle one is in 3-D)

Why 3-D?
How would you like your textbooks to have images of fossils like those below? First look at them without 3-D glasses. Without the glasses on the 2-D images below look better. Next put on the 3-D glasses and compare the 3-D images above to the same 2-D image below. They're all great images, but look at how much more information you get seeing them in 3-D. The fossil images below were taken at the Page Museum, specimens of the LaBrea Tar Pits.
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3D Image Shows (these represent my earliest 3-D work)

View Random Images

Bali in 3D
Lush tropical landscapes and an abundance of intricate temple carvings and sculptures make Bali a 3d photograher's paradise.
Type: Traditional 3D Images (for viewing straight on)

Trees & Flowers & Plants
A number of images of nature's beauty and bounty
Type: Traditional 3D Images (for viewing straight on)

Beaches and water
A number of images at water locations
Type: Traditional 3D Images (for viewing straight on)

Indoor Phantograms
Miscellaneous tabletop phantograms.
Keep in mind that phantograms are really not made to be seen straight on but rather looking down at an angle.
Type: Phantogram Images (for now only available in anaglyph form)

Outdoor Phantograms
While not included in Phantograms from Nature many of these shots deserve to be seen.
Type: Phantogram Images (for now only available in anaglyph form)

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